Residential Design Services:
If you know your home needs a change or an upgrade in decor but you don’t know where to start, I can help. Every project starts with a one hour consult. If you are a ‘DIY’ type of person, you might just need some help with what direction to go. If you are ready to take the next step, I can deliver a design concept and proposal broken down by each room so you know exactly how to move forward.

 Real Estate / Home Staging:
If you want to stage a home to sell, you will want to incorporate some furniture and decor that accentuates the positive features of your home, while keeping a budget in mind. This will ensure you can get top dollar in today’s competitive market. Let’s create a welcoming environment that buyers can envision as their own! 

 Retail / Showroom Design:
Looks matter when it comes to products moving off the shelves. If it doesn’t look great in your store, customers won’t be convinced it will look great in their home. With a background in showroom design and commercial staging, I can help arrange your business or showroom to work for you and appeal to your clients. 

 Client Treatment:
One thing I do well and do first is figure out what is unique to my clients. I think your home should reflect who you are. Before I begin your project, you will receive a custom client questionnaire which helps ensure the design will incorporate an overall style, color schemes and feel that will appeal to you and ensure the project will be a success!