A Season to Homeschool: 2 Families, 2 Ways

Our lives shift over time. These new pockets of time are like seasons. Changing roles and responsibilities bring new opportunities and new challenges. Recently, Simpliful Design walked alongside two different families in their season of homeschooling. The first is a young family that is just starting their schooling years, needing to transform a space for their homeschooling adventures. The second is a family having moved into a new home, needing a new schooling space.

Every family has different needs and desires for how a homeschool space needs to function within their home. These two very different homeschool room designs highlight their unique family cultures. You will notice some similarities in function, but some distinct aesthetic choices.

Homeschool Space #1:

Before: Playroom
After: Homeschool Room

This family is growing in both age and numbers. Adding a beautiful new baby to the family as older siblings enter school years, this home continues to nurture little ones, but needs room for structured learning.  Toddler spaces transform into big girl territory. Our goal was to transform the bonus room from entertainment to education.

A great feature in this space was an underutilized nook that was a storage closet. The vinyl flooring makes it the perfect choice for an adjoining art room!

Before: Storage Closet
After: Art Room

I love it when pretty meets practical! Here are some sweet highlights:

Let’s move on to our second homeschool space makeover.

Homeschool Space #2:

Before: Front Room
After: Student Workspaces

This schooling space is for a home we will be featuring soon on the blog. With a range of early elementary to junior high students, individual desk sections help each child feel considered and accommodated. Another important feature for the room was that it functions as a home office. The instructor of this school needs her own workspace.

Before: Asymmetrical Corner
After: Custom Corner Desk for Mom

Here are a few extra views:


As you can see, there are personal touches in both homes. We created dedicated sections for little ones in each home using very different design choices.

Good design should invite your family in for a comforting and growing experience. Your homeschool space should fit the look of your home as a reflection of your family. Is it time to revamp your education environment?

3 thoughts on “A Season to Homeschool: 2 Families, 2 Ways

  1. Danielle Burnett says:

    Wow! This is awesome Simpliful! Both designs would benefit families no matter how they choose to do school. I love this!

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