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Sometimes design is a full makeover, a transformation from floor to ceiling. But sometimes the design process is one of simply pulling together the good details in a space while adding a few small touches. Through those slight adjustments and additions, with the idea of personalizing and unifying the look, a beautiful house can become an inviting home.

Welcome to Destination Home: Rest for Miles. Where home has become the favorite destination for these homeowners that have a heart for travel. This couple who enjoys seeing the world now have the restful place they desire at end of all their journeys.

At introduction to this project, the spaces were already good. Good colors, good furniture, good layout. While happy with the existing elements in their home, the clients felt a little unsettled. The couple felt like they were living in a beautiful, yet unpersonalized house. Bathed in calming neutrals, the home needed a pop of color. Taking a hint from a several of the teal keepsakes in the home, a blue-green accent color palette was selected. Layering minty aquas and sea foam, the color scheme now feels soothing and clean.

Living room before
Living room after




In the front entry, a large wall called for some commissioned art.

Front hall before
Front hall after


An unfortunate placement of a thermostat called for a creative solution that still allowed airflow and access while hiding the unsightly element. Live edge walnut floating shelves gracefully blend with the mixture of theĀ handmade tables and woodworking that the homeowner had previously crafted himself. Family photos are easily displayed with flexibility to modify the gallery.

Unfortunate thermostat


Gallery shelves


In the clients’ master bedroom, art and accents finish the look.

Master bedroom before
Master bedroom after


There are so many pieces in the space that I love, but my favorite has to be the custom built iron wine rack accent table with a top that the client woodworked himself. The wrought iron base was locally commissioned here in Greenville making the piece is a one-of-a-kind vision come true for Simpliful Design.

An unused corner of the kitchen becomes a highlight for hosting. Borrowing from geometric themes already present in the home, the rack set on diamond is understated and beautiful.


How about a few closeups in the Destination Home project?


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  1. Johanna Thurlow says:

    This looks great, Julia! I am always torn between whether I like your decorating or your writing more. It’s a tough call. You are gifted in both.

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