Nantucket Cottage

Don’t you love historic homes? So often when you enter the front door you get a settled in kind of feeling.  Enduring the test of time, there’s nothing like the established tone that rests upon visitors. Something about the classic design and traditional vibe gives it a transcendent quality.  Odd how the passage of time lends a timeless attribute.

Nantucket Cottage

Recently, we had the opportunity to bring a cohesive design plan to a delightful family residence in a time-honored neighborhood.

The concept: colonial sophistication meets cottage charm. The challenge: creating cozy and comfortable rooms in larger scaled spaces.

Appreciating its history while blending updated styling (with a bit of Cape Cod inspiration!), the project is called the Nantucket Cottage. A blending of sense and sensibility, if you will. So cross the threshold, hang your hat, and settle in for a visit to this distinguished and down-home dwelling.

Living Room Before
Living Room After: loving the blue chesterfield!
Front Entry Before
Front Entry After: custom cubbies and new coat hooks
Dining Room Before
Dining Room After
Den Before
Den After: Continuing the nautical color scheme with added pops of sienna


And some fun little accents:

Commissioned painting by Janina Ellis



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