Spring Dining



Are you ready for spring? Holidays have passed and picnic baskets are ready. Days lengthen and birds beckon warm weather to arrive. Cheery colors and whimsical accents: this is where decor can change mundane to merry! Classic looks meet an upbeat palette welcoming visitors to share encouraging conversation.

Since we can’t will the weather into reality,┬álet’s welcome spring from the inside out! Come see the before and afters of Happy Haven dining room.

After: A fresh feel for this buffet.. amazing how uplifting blue can be!


And these custom dusty pink shades from London on vintage caramel brass lamps. My favorite!

How about a few extras?

So often with design, we catch the decorating bug and have it spread to other rooms… Just had to share the love with the living room and front hall!

Commissioned art by Tamara Brown pulls the living room into the happy vibe. Truly an inspiration for the spaces.
This front entry rug gives a playful first impression.


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