The Homestead: Transforming Mid Century to Farmhouse Formal

The challenge: A beautiful mid century home with homeowners that prefer traditional and warm design. The clients had become frustrated trying to reconcile their taste for classic charm with a home that is clearly modern architecture of it’s day.

The client had several loved furnishings in their living space, but the room overall felt a little overcast and a bit heavy. So, the project goal was to take the pieces the client enjoyed, and fulfill the desire for an airy and welcoming space. Take a mid century home, but make it fit the farm setting with a touch of elegance.


A few highlights…

Make sure to use a variety of materials when layering the design. Such as the wood casements (to conceal the modern shades) with linen sheer panels to soften the look. Placement of items, like the ladder and lower chairs, at varied heights keeps your eye from getting stuck in one corner of the space.

When staging shelves, a good rule of thumb is to incorporate groupings in odd numbers and like items. Keep a visual balance, but not symmetry.

We used mercury glass on the distressed mini buffet to juxtapose polished higher end finishes with informal rustic finishes. Also, it adds a personal touch to place a custom piece of art such as the “Home” sign with the client’s anniversary year.

Whether you love mid century design, or farmhouse chic, there is a way to incorporate your personal style in any space!

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